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Photo Light

Light is so important for awesome photos! With Photo Light you can take amazing photos by illuminating your scene in a new way! Have a look at these images to see some samples of the possibilities.


To illuminate the objects you can freely select the light color. With three sliders you can set the background color to every value you want.


Select one of 20 patterns to improve reflection on the object's surface or illuminate translucent objects on the right spot.
Move, zoom and rotate the patterns to fit them perfectly to your scene!
All pattern images have more than Full HD resolution.


Use your own images and photos as a textured light source.


Connect your iPad with your iPhone or iPod touch so you do not need to touch your carefully arranged photo setup.

- Full RGB color support
- Pattern presets in Full HD resolution images!
- Pan, rotate and zoom the pattern
- Use your own photos as textured light source
- Remote control support
- perfect for using as light table!

Designed for Retina Display of the iPhone and the new iPad! But it also runs on older devices.

This is not a photo app! You just illuminate your scene with this app. To take photos you need a camera or another smartphone with a camera.

Some sample images: